Bulletproof like you’ve never heard it before [music]

Audioporn central just published the fifth version of their guilty pleasures series. This time it’s La Roux – Bulletproof that’s been given the royal treatment and the usual suspects in internet bastardisation were all there to contribute, and contribute they did, there’s a lot of new exclusives in there.

It’s a must see and hear!


9freak9 – Stressproof
La Roux VS Laurent Wolf VS Daft Punk
Bobby Martini – La Roux In Pain
La Roux vs Chuck Carr
La Roux – Bulletproof (Copycat Italo Remix) *
DEEPBLK vs. Marc Johnce – Waiting For Bulletproof At First Sight *
Kylie Minogue VS La Roux Vs. Gwen Stefani
Divide & Kreate – Peaproof *
La Roux vs Black Eyed Peas
DJ Schmolli – Bulletproof Radar *
La Roux VS Britney Spears
DJ Useo – Bulletproof Circles
La Roux vs Billy Preston
Eddie Pedalo – Bulletproof Wolves
La Roux VS Prodigy
Hi-brid – Silent Bullet *
La Roux VS The Knife
mash2mix – suburban bullet *
La Roux vs Hard-Fi
La Roux – Bulletproof (Oscar TG Bullshitproof Mix)
Phil RetroSpector – Bulletproofmode *
La Roux VS Depeche Mode
Simon Iddol – circus of bullets
La Roux VS Quiet Village
The Reborn Identity – Bulletproof Monkeys *
La Roux VS Arctic Monkeys

* Pure awesomeness, Optimus Poptimus approves

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