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Video Wednesday

Posted in Hype, Music, Tips, Video with tags , , , on March 3, 2010 by optpopt

Whoa, Wednesday, video Wednesday!

Gorillaz – Stylo

Gorillaz are at it again, this time in 3D. I’m not that impressed with the song actually and I haven’t had time to check out the full album yet but the video is pretty cool. This is an unofficial embed since EMI decided to restrict the official one to specific contries, mine not being one of them.

OK Go – This too shall pass

OK Go recently published a rant about how their record company disabled embeds of their videos, guess which company… yeah, EMI again. Embeds are once more allowed now tho and this one is just splendid. Also check out the behind the scenes special from wired.

Nobody beats the drum – Grindin’

At first I was like meh? Then I realized this is stop motion of actual painted blocks of wood and I was like OH SHIII-! Then I saw the behind the video video and had a good laugh.


This viral-mystery-speculationfest just got another episode to further the hype. It’s actually very well executed and have me hoping for some big Dreijeresque release this spring from whoever might be behind it. The guy on the internet has its money on Aguilera or possible Marget Berger but I don’t dare to have a clue, I just hope it’s not some car or phone or sneaker or whatever. Join the buzz and try to figure it out yourself.