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Video Wednesday

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Welcome to another weekly roundup of videos, this time I’m treating you to an odyssee in violence, murder, despair and blood soaked death.

M.I.A – Born free

From the director of Justice’s Stress comes this thing that hit like a bomb a couple of days ago. It’s actually more of a short movie with an amazing score than a music video, a short movie deemed so controversial and highly disturbing it was taken down from youtube. When I first heard the song this weekend I thought it’d be an awesome party song, that raw energy could throw any party into a frenzy. This video certainly puts the whole thing in another light tho. Can’t wait the hear the whole album that’s out in June.

Kendal Johansson – Blue Moon

I think this video is strong enough to stand on itself but put in the context of the M.I.A shocker it’s even stronger.

Moby – Wait for me

Is this what happens when the cool guy from high school finally grows up, cuts his hair and gets a job?

Babybird – Unlovable

Directed by Johnny Depp, ’nuff said.

Alexis Weak feat. Lune – Ser Rött

Sorry to all no swedish speakers out there, but this is just to good to pass up.

Dosh – Airlift

Ok, enough with the violence, I’m always a sucker for a clever stop motion piece and this really hits the right spot.

Ocelot – Beating hearts

Haven’t heard from Ocelot in a long time, I remember hyping this to death a couple of years ago but that’s about it. Seems they’re up to something new which I’ll be keeping a close eye on.

The Ooks Of Hazzard – Kids

It’s not a video Wednesday without a cover of some hyped song performed in a weird way.

Video Wednesday

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LCD Soundsystem – Drunk girls

Typical friday night.

DeadMau5 – More ghosts and stuff (live at Coachella)

DeadMau5 hired the guys behind Daft Punk’s insane Alive light show for Coachella, judging by the pictures it was one hell of a trip.

Ninja drinks gangsta beer

Speaking of both LCD Soundsystem and Coachella, Die Antwoord was there too, apparently snatching some of Murphy’s “gangsta beer”. I wanted to feature some Antwoord clip but something worthwhile from the gig hasn’t really surfaced yet. If you’re interested, check the interwebs for yourself. Also, this. If you don’t want to sit through all 22 minutes of it (tho you really should) at least hit the last 40 seconds, I laughed my ass off.

ceo – prologue

Another artsy fartsy music mystery is on our hands. Is this something new from the tough alliance? It’s from their label anyways, I guess time will tell.

Boy 8-bit – The keep

Spot the game reference.

Aston – Telephone

The now obligatory lady gaga cover.

Video Wednesday

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The no comment necessary edition

The Glitch Mob : Beyond Monday

Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe

Wax Tailor feat. Charlie Winston – I Own You

Designer Drugs – Drop Down

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster – Oh My God (Josefin Lindh Remix)

Trio Electromondo – Cumbia Pombagira

Video Wednesday

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Familjen – När planeterna stannat

New single from Familjen, and it’s more of that synthy goodness that made the debut so awesome! The complete album is to be released on May 5th. If you want more of Familjen right now and happen to be fluent in Swedish, check out the PSL blog which is running a week long video special on familjen right now.

Broken Fingaz – Graffiti Stop Motion

Great choice of music for a really cool video. Glitch Hop is really blowing up right now with edIT and his Glitch Mob at the forefront.

Oompah Brass – Toxic

Crazy oompah oompah rendition of Toxic, too good to pass up.