Video Wednesday

Welcome to another weekly roundup of videos, this time I’m treating you to an odyssee in violence, murder, despair and blood soaked death.

M.I.A – Born free

From the director of Justice’s Stress comes this thing that hit like a bomb a couple of days ago. It’s actually more of a short movie with an amazing score than a music video, a short movie deemed so controversial and highly disturbing it was taken down from youtube. When I first heard the song this weekend I thought it’d be an awesome party song, that raw energy could throw any party into a frenzy. This video certainly puts the whole thing in another light tho. Can’t wait the hear the whole album that’s out in June.

Kendal Johansson – Blue Moon

I think this video is strong enough to stand on itself but put in the context of the M.I.A shocker it’s even stronger.

Moby – Wait for me

Is this what happens when the cool guy from high school finally grows up, cuts his hair and gets a job?

Babybird – Unlovable

Directed by Johnny Depp, ’nuff said.

Alexis Weak feat. Lune – Ser Rött

Sorry to all no swedish speakers out there, but this is just to good to pass up.

Dosh – Airlift

Ok, enough with the violence, I’m always a sucker for a clever stop motion piece and this really hits the right spot.

Ocelot – Beating hearts

Haven’t heard from Ocelot in a long time, I remember hyping this to death a couple of years ago but that’s about it. Seems they’re up to something new which I’ll be keeping a close eye on.

The Ooks Of Hazzard – Kids

It’s not a video Wednesday without a cover of some hyped song performed in a weird way.

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