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Video Wednesday week 36

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B-b-b-back from the dead!

Marcus Price & Carli – Big Room Skiten

The Presets – Ghosts

Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce

Grimes – Genesis

Yeasayer – Longevity

Major Lazer – Get Free

Steed Lord – Hear Me Now

Mypet – Pays To Know

Sleigh Bells – End of the Line

Rebecca & Fiona – If She Was Away

Nause – Hungry Hearts

deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way – Professional Griefers

C2C – Arcades

Emperor Yes – Wasps

Computers Want Me Dead – Little Steps

Video Wednesday week 32

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I’m going to try something new this week. I found something called DragOnTape and decided to try it out since it fits this video concept like a GLOVE! In addition to embedding this week’s best videos below I’ll give you the option to see them all in one big continuous playlist called Video Wednesday week 32 (creative eeh?). Let me know if you like it and I just might continue making playlists too!

Just one last thing, this dropped today but Vevo (or some label or whatever) being the asses that they are have blocked it for my country, try your own luck…

Grinderman – Heathen Child

This is some strange shit courtesy of Nick Cave and his Grinderman project.

Kanye West – POWER

Only and ego like Kanye’s could pull this one off.

Ratatat – Drugs

LSD is one hell of a drug.

iamamiwhoami – y

Iamamiwhoami keeps on delivering, I think this is the best one to come out in a while.

BoA – Hurricane Venus

A Korean Lady Gaga?

PACIFIC! – Narcissus

Familjen feat Ninsun Poli – Feber

Familjen – Det var jag (PREVIEW)

More from familjen, this is a short preview of a video coming out late August.

Deadmau5 – Some Chords

Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not A Princess

Margaret Cho featuring Andrew Bird – I'm Sorry

Non Tiq – Quiet

Broken Social Scene – All To All

Howls – Hammock

Reza Dolatabadi – Khoda

This isn’t a music video as much as an art project. It’s a five minute psychological thriller made out of 6000 paintings.

Kathryn Calder – Slip Away

Sunday Girl – Time To Pretend

I Am Kloot – Proof

Video Wednesday

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LCD Soundsystem – Drunk girls

Typical friday night.

DeadMau5 – More ghosts and stuff (live at Coachella)

DeadMau5 hired the guys behind Daft Punk’s insane Alive light show for Coachella, judging by the pictures it was one hell of a trip.

Ninja drinks gangsta beer

Speaking of both LCD Soundsystem and Coachella, Die Antwoord was there too, apparently snatching some of Murphy’s “gangsta beer”. I wanted to feature some Antwoord clip but something worthwhile from the gig hasn’t really surfaced yet. If you’re interested, check the interwebs for yourself. Also, this. If you don’t want to sit through all 22 minutes of it (tho you really should) at least hit the last 40 seconds, I laughed my ass off.

ceo – prologue

Another artsy fartsy music mystery is on our hands. Is this something new from the tough alliance? It’s from their label anyways, I guess time will tell.

Boy 8-bit – The keep

Spot the game reference.

Aston – Telephone

The now obligatory lady gaga cover.

Dubstep weekend [music]

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Dubstep is often good as is, but there’s one thing that’s better. It’s when the dubstep producers go out and remix other hyped artists. Here’s three examples of matches made in heaven, one of them has already been played to death but surely deserves an honorary mention, guess which one.

Dubstep remix weekend (

Ellie Goulding – Starry eyes (jakwob remix) (mediafire)
Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I remember (caspa remix) (mediafire)
La Roux – In for the kill (skream’s let’s get ravey mix) (mediafire)

Calvin Harris – Ready for the weekend [album]

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Calvin Harris - Ready For The WeekendDå var det en ny augusti-måndag och således dags för ett album-släpp. Den här veckan är det Calvin Harris – Ready for the weekend som gäller. På det hela taget är det ett ganska spretigt album. Det bjuds på allt från arena-anpassad house i stil med deadmau5 till lugnare alster vars närmsta liknelse är demo-låtarna i reason 4.0 vilket jag tycker är lite cheesy. De starkaste spåren är de vi redan hört som singlar eller bloggmaterial (tänk ready for the weekend och I’m not alone). Störst potential i övrigt har nog flashback även om det känns som att mycket av låten är återanvänd. Men i alla fall, det här är ett album (om än dock lite kort, 52 min) som passar lite när som helst, så länge man delar upp det. Några låtar för förfesten, några för efterfesten och några ifall man skulle bestämma sig för att stanna hemma. Ränka med att låtarna kommer höras i lite alla möjliga sammanhang de närmsta månaderna. Well done Mr. Harris, 4 burkar sylt av 5.