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Video Wednesday

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If last week was all about violence this one is all about the vintage, the retro, the nostalgia and cheap editing tricks.

The Black Keys – Next girl

Cute marketing stunt.

Tom Deluxx – Run

Vintage horror, my thoughts go to the ring somehow, maybe because of the sometimes stuttery distorted editing.

Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed – Come and get it

Two for one, modern and retro at the same time.

Delorean – Stay close

This is pretty old by blog standards (released in March, gasp!) but it has that timeless feel to it so I don’t care. If you had a vacation in the 70’s this is probably what your memory of it looks like now, about 40 years later.

Monty – Rhythm (P3 Live Session)

Never thought I’d hear that 90’s hook used again, not in this way, and not accompanied by national geographics footage.

Beyoncé – Why don’t you love me

Mainstream alert! But this video is just too 60’s playboy to pass up.

How to destroy angels

Couldn’t really decide if I wanted to feature this or not, but decided to go with it in the end. Trent Reznor, an old hero of mine has teamed up with his wife Mariqueen to bring us How to destroy angels since NiN pretty much is no more. Pitchfork already got their hands on the first song to come out of the project and after having a listen I think it’s just a little to close to the latest things to come out of NiN. I guess Trent wasn’t really done producing that sound.

Norwegian Recycling – Singularity

Ok, so I finally grew tired of the sometimes cute sometimes weird covers and decided to go for a mashup instead. How fitting then that one of the masters of mashups decided to release a video right in time for this update. I bring you the lastest from Norwegian Recycling, there’s 6 songs mashed in there, can you spot which ones?