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The definite guide to Such Great Heights [music]

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The decade is drawing to a close and the internets are a’buzzing with lists trying to decide which song really was the greatest to come out of the 00s. Pitchfork just completed their 500 list and the swedish music magazine Novell invited music journalists to create lists of their 100 greatest songs which will be presented on new years eve. Pretty much amazing is on a similar quest trying to decide the best album from each past year of the 2000s (leaving the give up album out of the 2003 poll is a bit of a shame though).

I will not attempt any of that.

Instead I decided to collect such great heights covers for you to enjoy. I’m not saying it’s the best song to come from this decade just that since it’s release in 2003 (wikipedia has the story) it’s always had a reserved spot in my playlists and whenever you play it to someone it has a certain ability to go straight to their heart. I think it’s because of this so many indie acts have decided to cover it. So here goes, about 20 covers split over 3 playlists in 3 services so you all can enjoy it. There are some overlap but also some exclusives to every playlist so be sure to check them all out if possible.

Spotify playlist

Most notable inclusions here are The Section Quartet which does and awesome string quartet take on the song. Frankmusiks piano version is ok but he adlibs and changes to much on some parts that what makes the song great to begin with is lost. Too bad, it had potential. The confide version is somewhat of a guilty pleasure, mentioned by some as the worst thing to ever leave a couple of speakers I think it has some qualities beyond being annoying in it’s special kind of screamo way.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights
The Section Quartet – Such Great Heights
Frankmusik – Such Great Heights (piano version)
Confide – Such Great Heights
Green Envy – Such Great Heights playlist

Here we have a gameboy blip take courtesy of Firebrand boy which is a must hear. Don’t miss The wrong trousers either which really shines in it’s playfullness while keeping true to the original.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights
Ben Folds – Such Great Heights
The Wrong Trousers – Such Great Heights
MIT Logarhythms – Such Great Heights
The New Standards – Such Great Heights
Firebrand boy – Such Great Heights (game boy version)
Amanda Palmer – Such Great Heights

Youtube playlist

This is the only source to sport both of frankmusik’s versions. I must say I do like the frankmusik mix better than the piano version. Youtube is also choir contry, where all those american a capella groups publish their concerts, and I must say, some of them are pretty awesome in their creativeness.

Frankmusik – Such Great Heights (FrankMusik mix)

Frankmusik – Such Great Heights (New piano version)
Confide – Such Great Heights

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
Ben Folds – Such Great Heights
The Achordants – Such Great Heights
Voices in your head (University of chicago)
MIT Logarhythms – Such Great Heights
Green Envy (Tulane University) – Such Great Heights
UMD TrebleMakers – Such Great Heights
Umass Dynamics – Such Great Heights (some imogen mixed in)

The Beat – Such Great Heights (99 Red Balloons mashup)

I will end this little journey with two brothers, two ukuleles and a rooftop. Inspiring to say the least.

I know I called this the definite guide but I’m humble enough to admit there might be other great covers out there, please shout if you know of any.

Frankmusik remixes [music]

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frankmusikThis weekend I scoured the internet for some new frankmusik remixes, I didn’t find any, but, I found a couple of older ones that I hadn’t heard.  Most notably one remix of dead disco (little boots former band). I decided to put together a little playlist with both old and new tracks featuring frankmusik as either composer, remixer or collaborator. Here is the result.

Frankmusik’s best ( playlist of 14 songs)

Dead disco – You’re out (frankmusik remix) (mediafire)
Frankmusik – When you’re around (boys noize mix) (mediafire)
Frankmusik – Confusion girl (Russ Chimes remix) (mediafire)
Frankmusik – Confusion girl (Dolby anol ‘lavender_marriage’ vocal remix) (mediafire)

Frankmusik – Better off as 2 (timo of finland remix) (mediafire)
Frankmusik – Better off as 2 (A1 bassline remix) (mediafire)

Update: So, some songs were removed from both fileden and mediafire. Try to listen to the playlist if you want to hear them.

Frankmusik – Complete Me [album]

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frankmusik - complete me cover

Idag är det den tredje augusti vilket betyder att Frankmusik kan se sitt första album complete me som officiellt släppt. Efter en första lyssning så kan jag bara tänka, hur kommer det sig att de släpper det här i augusti? Att släppa sommarens förmodligen gladaste och studsigaste electro-album när hösten är på väg känns rätt off. Jag hade gärna lagt låtarna på mp3-spelaren redan i juni. I vilket fall som helst så är det ett litet mästerverk som precis landat, låtarna är korta (många under 3 minuter) men tighta och låter som ingenting annat. Förutom då when you’re around som är en så kraftig nickning åt the stranglers – golden brown att det snarast är ett plagiat.

Problemet med artister som låter sina starkaste spår snurra runt i bloggosfären och sedan samlar upp det till ett album är känslan av att man hört allt förut. Den känslan infinner sig i det här fallet också men inte lika starkt som i många andra fall. Frankmusik har löst dilemmat genom att omarbeta de tidigare populäraste låtarna. Och lyckats.  Man känner igen 3 little words men den innehåller nu extra detaljer och lager som inte fanns där förut och det gör att den kan få snurra några varv till trots att man egentligen tröttnade på den redan förra hösten.

Tråkigt dock att complete me inte dykt upp på spotify än, little boots och la roux släpp tidigare i somras låg uppe redan samma dag. Complete Me får helt enkelt köpas via 7digital om man inte kan hålla sig till tåls.

Frankmusik – Complete Me (album sampler)