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The Gluteus Maximus Collective [music]

Posted in Album, Music, Tips with tags , , on July 31, 2010 by optpopt

Zakolski - Love at last sight (cover)

The netlabel and music collective Gluteus Maximus e-mailed me a couple of days ago to promote Bazooka Circus new EP, Elephant. I liked what I heard and began to check up on their other artists to see if there was more there in the same vein. I was pretty surprised to learn that this was a previously unexplored goldmine, just check this soundcloud-playlist, a Saturday night right there!

The absolute favorite so far is Zakolski’s Do it again, what a beautiful wobbly thing that is! Download the EP Love at last sight.

Favorites from Bazooka Circus – Elephant
(Download whole EP)
Bazooka Circus – Ett med kosmos

Bazooka Circus – Maluf Hearts

Bazooka Circus – OK, Baby (I hope you don’t mind)

Bazooka Circus – Vacation